Friday, April 25, 2014

Interesting Map Resources

Okay , I like maps.  So when I come across map resources on the web I like taking the time and checking out the resource.  Here are a few maps I have come across in the last couple of weeks.

The All American Music Map  Find where a genre of music is most popular.  It's not always where you expect.

See location of  a particular teams Baseball Fans based on Facebook Likes

A map looking a little closer at regional baseball fans.  This is really interesting when looking at teams who are in close proximity to each other.  Cubs/White Sox  Mets/Yankees  Redsox/Yankees Dodgers/Angels etc.

March Madness map of fans from 2013 based on Facebook likes.

NFL map of fans also based on Facebook likes.

Here is a map showing where nobody lives in the US based on US 2010 census data. Now compare to this map which shows where people do live.

Here is a map that shows where people in the US are biking and running.

If you know of any other off the wall types of maps share them in the comments section. 


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