Thursday, April 24, 2014

How Do They Do It for 180 Days?

I am in my 4th straight day of training/learning. Three full days of Peer-Ed coaching and a full day workshop (okay not really a workshop) on blended learning.  All the topics have been interesting to me and are sessions that I wanted to  be involved with.  I'm interested in the topics.  I want to learn the information.  It is so hard to stay focused and involved in the learning.  I want to move ahead, check out things that spark my interest on the web.  I fell the need to get up and walk around while I listen.  I just don't want to sit there and take in the information.  I want to interact with it.  

My questions are how do students sit all day long for 180 days of "learning"? How can they stay focused on the work for that length of time?  I'm not sure I could do it for 180 days.  I also wonder if teachers had to experience this kind of learning would they keep teaching the same way?  


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