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#EdTech Resources 06/30/2014

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#EdTech Resources 06/29/2014

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Day One of #ISTE2014 is in the Books.

Day 1 at ISTE is in the books.  Quick takeaways from the day.  This is a really big conference.  In a really big building and there are a lot, and I mean a lot of people.  14,000 people at one conference; really big.  It may be too big.

I picked up my registration information early to beat the crowd and get a lay of the land.  I had forgotten how much walking I'm going to have to do for this conference.  Things are really spread out.  I came back for the ignite session only to see extremely long lines to get into a space not large enough to handle a 1/3 of the people that wanted to get in.  Ended up watching some of the sessions at the Bloggers' Cafe.

The line to get into the keynote with Ashley Judd went from one end of the building to another.  The building has to be at least 2-3 blocks long.  We opted to watch the keynote in the Bloggers' Cafe.  Why fight the crowds.

The keynote was interesting.  I thought the story told by Ashley Judd was a powerful story.  Not sure, In my mind at least, how appropriate the talk was for the intended audience.  The longer the keynote went on the emptier the Bloggers' Cafe became.  I just think people were looking for something different.

I did enjoy talking to people I haven't seen in awhile.  The game on the ISTE app sure helped in meeting new people.  Looking forward to what I can learn today at ISTE.  I'll share later.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 1: Summit Public Schools Consultancy

All I can say about day one of the Summit Consultancy sessions is wow!  Lots of information to process. Here are some of my thoughts.  I will add more about how they do PD in another post.

We spent the day learning about Summit Public Schools "Next Generation School Model" where students are empowered to drive their learning, ensuring they are prepared for success in college, career and life.

Diane Tavenner CEO for Summit Public School's started the day off with a big overview of SPS.

Key takeaways:

  • Everything they do at SPS goes back to their core values. Their mission statement sums up what they believe.
  • Prepare a heterogeneous student population for success in college career and life and leverage our work to have a broader impact on public education in America.
  • 100% of their students are accepted to a college
  • Teachers receive over 40 days a year of professional development.
  • Four Quadrants of College Readiness
    • Cognitive Skills
    • Content Knowlege
    • habits of success
    • Experiences

Content knowledge: competency based in content. Playlist
Cognitive Skills: Assessed through projects. Common rubric across all content areas.
Habits of Success: Looking at non-cognitive skills continuum. Self awareness and self management interpersonal skills decision making.
Experiences: Expeditionary learning to include published and publically presentable performances in five areas. The goal is to have each student have one perspective changing experience.
  1. leadership and active citizenship
  2. college and career
  3. health and wellbeing
  4. enrichment and passions
  5. cultural awareness and the arts

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#EdTech Resources 06/25/2014

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#EdTech Resources 06/24/2014

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Time For Some Professional Learning

Looking forward to this week.  It's time to do some learning and a whole lot of networking.

I'm getting ready to leave to go out to the San Francisco area for a workshop at Summit Public Schools. We will be working with 9 other districts from across the country as we dive into Next Generation learning models.   I'm looking forward to learning from Summit Public Schools and the other districts.

Then back to Atlanta for ISTE.  I always look forward to ISTE.  I enjoy the sessions, but mostly I enjoy the networking.  One of the things I always try to do while at ISTE is to branch out, meet and interact with some people I have not yet made contact with.  It's always great expanding your PLN.  And of course it's great to see some people you haven't seen since the last big conference.  It's always a perk getting to meet in person the people you follow and interact with on Twitter.  I will also be doing a poster session Tuesday morning at 8am.  The poster session is "Creating A Blended Learning Enviornment in the K-12 Classroom."  If you're awake, stop by.

I will be sharing what I learn here all week.  I have found bloging about my sessions is the best way for me digest what I have learned.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

#EdTech Resources 06/22/2014

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

I'll Ask the Audience

I saw this tweet and it made me think of a training session I helped with the day before.

We were working with some teachers in our district who are starting the process to become Google Educators.  The boot camp for the teachers was led by Donna Teuber.  The one day boot camp was designed to go over the basics of the exam and to talk about testing strategies.  Some of the strategies mentioned were having multiple devices so you could see the exam and then search for the answer in the study guide or just Google the answers.  

The most interesting moment in the day was when the teachers took the level 1 basic exam.  They started working on the assessment and immediately began to collaborate as they worked through the test.  I thought it was interesting to see that the teachers didn't even pretend to work on their own.  They asked each other questions, talked through the questions and explained why they got the answers they did. All a good form of learning in my opinion.  Yet, these are the same teachers who ask how to keep kids from cheating when they work on the Chromebooks, and would not hesitate to write up their students for cheating on a test.

If people Google or look through the study guide to find the answers does this mean they cheated?  Or does this mean they have learned one of the most important 21st century skills,  research. We can not be expected to remember everything.  But we should be expected to have the skills to find the answers when we need them.  These are skills are students need as well.  Maybe it's time we let them develop those skills.

#EdTech Resources 06/21/2014

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#EdTech Resources 06/19/2014

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Engage Your Students With Interactive Videos

When I work with teachers on blended learning I always like to encourage them to make their own videos.  One of the problems with using premade videos done by someone else is they never cover/do things exactly the way you would.  In the past few months there have been some nice programs released that allow teachers to take their videos and make them more interactive.  My two favorites right now are EDPuzzle and Zaption.

EDpuzzle allows you to:
  • easily crop videos
  • add your voice to a premade video
  • embed quizzes
  • choose videos from a variety of sources (YouTube, Kahn Academy, Learn Zillion, etc)
Zaption allows you to:
  • crop videos
  • add questions to the video
  • add images to the video
  • add text and drawings to your video 
  • choose videos from a variety of sources (YouTube, Vimeo, PBS, etc)
Right now EDpuzzle is free.  Zaption has adopted a freemium model. Much of their advanced features come with a price.  They have a single license ($79/year) which adds greater interactivity, advanced data tools, group management and more.

I think both of these tools are pretty awesome.  They both provide data to help you see where students are in a lesson.  And they both take watching videos to the next level of engagement.  If you are looking to add interactivity to your videos in a flipped/blended environment you need to try these tools. 

#EdTech Resources 06/18/2014

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