Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 Ways Technology is Changing How People Learn

I came across this infographic on twitter and liked the simplicity.  As more and more districts move to 1:1 and BYOD teachers are going to be able to see these 4 shifts, but only if they allow change to occur in their classrooms.  My take on the shifts.

1.  Technology can naturally create an environment of collaboration.  Outside of classrooms people are collaborating with technology and don't even think about doing so.  In the classroom we still have a tendency to want to control the movement and interactions of students.  Teachers need to work towards allowing natural collaboration to occur in their classrooms with technology.  

2.  Technology allows students to be engaged in their learning with active, engaging activities.  No more is it necessary for students to sit and listen to a teacher provide them with information.  They can research and use a wide range of resources to learn while they create to demonstrate their learning.

3.  Without technology differentiation is extremely difficult to accomplish in a classroom.  Resources are more difficult to curate without the aid of technology.  Technology allows students the opportunity to control the pace, path,  and even the types of content resources they use.  Technology in the classroom allows teachers the opportunity to provide more formative assessments and remediate  for those who need remediation.  

4. Multitasking?  Can students really multitask?  There is lots of research suggesting that they can't do it or they can't do it well.   Time will tell.  But I do know that students are attempting to do more at once.