Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time For Some Professional Learning

Looking forward to this week.  It's time to do some learning and a whole lot of networking.

I'm getting ready to leave to go out to the San Francisco area for a workshop at Summit Public Schools. We will be working with 9 other districts from across the country as we dive into Next Generation learning models.   I'm looking forward to learning from Summit Public Schools and the other districts.

Then back to Atlanta for ISTE.  I always look forward to ISTE.  I enjoy the sessions, but mostly I enjoy the networking.  One of the things I always try to do while at ISTE is to branch out, meet and interact with some people I have not yet made contact with.  It's always great expanding your PLN.  And of course it's great to see some people you haven't seen since the last big conference.  It's always a perk getting to meet in person the people you follow and interact with on Twitter.  I will also be doing a poster session Tuesday morning at 8am.  The poster session is "Creating A Blended Learning Enviornment in the K-12 Classroom."  If you're awake, stop by.

I will be sharing what I learn here all week.  I have found bloging about my sessions is the best way for me digest what I have learned.

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