Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 1: Summit Public Schools Consultancy

All I can say about day one of the Summit Consultancy sessions is wow!  Lots of information to process. Here are some of my thoughts.  I will add more about how they do PD in another post.

We spent the day learning about Summit Public Schools "Next Generation School Model" where students are empowered to drive their learning, ensuring they are prepared for success in college, career and life.

Diane Tavenner CEO for Summit Public School's started the day off with a big overview of SPS.

Key takeaways:

  • Everything they do at SPS goes back to their core values. Their mission statement sums up what they believe.
  • Prepare a heterogeneous student population for success in college career and life and leverage our work to have a broader impact on public education in America.
  • 100% of their students are accepted to a college
  • Teachers receive over 40 days a year of professional development.
  • Four Quadrants of College Readiness
    • Cognitive Skills
    • Content Knowlege
    • habits of success
    • Experiences

Content knowledge: competency based in content. Playlist
Cognitive Skills: Assessed through projects. Common rubric across all content areas.
Habits of Success: Looking at non-cognitive skills continuum. Self awareness and self management interpersonal skills decision making.
Experiences: Expeditionary learning to include published and publically presentable performances in five areas. The goal is to have each student have one perspective changing experience.
  1. leadership and active citizenship
  2. college and career
  3. health and wellbeing
  4. enrichment and passions
  5. cultural awareness and the arts

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