Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spreed to the Rescue!

I read a lot of blogs and lots of information and articles on the web.  I am easily distracted while reading online.  There are pictures, flashing advertisements, and links.  You know how tempting links are in a website.  Just begging you to click on them and I always somehow end up do just that, I click on the link and off I go.  Sometimes never returning back to the original article.

About a month or so ago I came across a Chrome extension Spreed and it has been a life saver for me. "Spreed is a Chrome extension that lets you blaze through online articles, reading them in half or a third of the time it usually takes you.  It does this by utilizing a visual technique used by the fastest speed readers in the world."  I don't use Spreed to read faster, although it is an added benefit.  I like to use Spreed to eliminate distractions.   When you use the extension you get to set the speed of the text, how many words you see at one time, and font size.  I like to set my for one word at a time.  This helps me stay focused on the content.  Afer I am done reading the article using the extension, I go back to the website and look at the links, images and so on.  But now I have a better feel for the article, since I've read the entire article before exploring the links.

This is a great extension for students to use.  I think they will see the same benefits I've been seeing.  You should give it a try and see if it cuts down on distractions while also increasing your reading speed and productivity.  This is a great

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