Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Google Map Games

Are all the Google Map games designed to increase your geography knowledge or are they just a great distraction from work?  I think a little bit of both.  I will say they can be quit challenging.  So if you are looking to increase your knowledge of geography or just trying to kill some time, here are a couple of games utilizing Google Maps that will help you do both.

Smarty Pins by Google,  requires you to identify a location based on a trivia clue. The trivia categories include, Arts and Culture, Science and Geography, Sports and Games, History and Current Events, and Entertainment.  

To play the game select your category and then start to answer the questions.  After reading the question drag the pin to the correct location. If you guess incorrectly you will be shown  the correct location and given the distance in miles between the two answers.  The goal is to answer as many questions as possible.  Each player starts off with a bank of a 1,000 miles.  You lose miles if you are incorrect and gain miles if you guess correctly during the bonus time.  Your game ends when you run out of miles.  

GeoGuesser drops you someplace in the world on Google Maps and you need to guess where you are based on what you see in the street view. After you guess the location you are shown how accurate you were by milage between the two points.  The closer to the correct location you guess the more points you earn.  I am not very good at this game.

LocateStreet  gives you a series of random Google Street View panoramas.  When the game starts you have three challenges: Worldwide, Within a Country, or Thematic. Once placed in an area you need to figure out the location by city and then by street. You are given four locations to choose from to decide which city and state you are in.  If you guess correctly you then need to locate where the street is located within the city you guessed.  

Pursued: is a Google street view game. You have been taken without warning and escape your from your captors.  A friend is trying to help you, but first you have to figure out where you are!  Once you guess where you are by looking around and reading signs you type in your guess.  If you are correct your friend will come pick you up.   Required an app to be loaded from the Google Chrome store.  Looks as if you need to like their Facebook page to get to the more challenging levels of the game.

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