Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Hardest Working Person in the Room

The teacher is the hardest working person in just about every classroom.

It's the end of the school year and as I travel around visiting classrooms I'm seeing a lot of tired looking teachers desperately looking forward to summer break.  But it's not surprising.  Teachers seem to be the only person working in the classrooms.

Teacher are standing at the front of their classrooms giving lots of lectures so they can cover the content.  I mean you have to get the students ready for those tests.  They are assigning classwork that most students can complete in 10-15 minutes.  But, it requires at least  twice that amount of time for the teacher to grade the work.

I look at the students in the classrooms and they don't seem tired.  They are sitting back listening to lectures for 30-40 minutes and only putting in about 10-15 minutes of work in a class before moving on.

Meanwhile, at the end of one class, the teachers are gearing up for the next group of students to repeat the same process.

How do we get teachers to work smarter instead of harder?  How do they learn how to turn their classrooms into student centered classrooms instead of the teacher centered classrooms we see a lot of now?


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