Friday, May 23, 2014

My Top 10 Chrome Extensions.

I remember when I first started using the Chrome browser and then the Chromebook, I was so into the Chrome Web store.  I downloaded so many Apps and extensions.  The top of my browser was loaded with extensions and I had pages of Apps. Now, a couple of years later I have really downsized the number of apps and extensions I use with my Chromebook. In fact I very seldom use any app other than a Google app, and the number of extensions going across my screen is much smaller than before. Here are my current favorite extensions.

Grammarly Lite  will help you prevent spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes when you write emails and post to social media sites.  I need all the help I can get. I usually never take the time to check my writing so this tool has been very helpful. URL Shortener is an extension which allows you to shorten the current website URL. It is also nice for creating a QR code. 

Diigo Web Collector  I love using Diigo.  I've been using Diigo for years now and with this extension it has made it easy for me to save from the web to my Diigo account. I can use this tool to
bookmark links for later; attach highlights and stickies to a webpage.

Stay Focused  Everyone needs a tool to help you stay focused.  This extension helps my productivity by limiting the amount of time I can spend on time-wasting websites.   Once you have used up your allotted time on a site you will be blocked from that site for the rest of the day.  This is most useful on the weekends when I am easily distracted.

Google Calander  I can check my Google calendar without having to leave my current page.

Save as PDF  Lets you save web pages to pdf with just one click.  This is useful for students or when you want to look at websites when you know you are not going to have access to the internet.

One Tab I always work with a lot of tabs open on my device.  On the Chromebook this can cause performance issues due to memory usage.  One Tab helps save memory and reduce tab clutter.  You also can share the URL of all tabs as one URL link.

Docs Quickly This tool saves time.  You can create a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation, or Drawing directly from your Chrome bar.  No need to launch; just a single click.

Spreed - Speed read the web.  This new extension is nice.  It helps you read through online articles in half the time it normally would take.  Not only does it help with speed, for me it helps with focus by eliminating the distractions.

Simple To-Do List  Because everyone needs a to-do list.

If you have any other favorite extensions share them in the comments.

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