Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Seamless Integration of Technology

Our  district instructional technology team had an all day work meeting recently.  During the day our conversation moved into the area of what a classroom with seamless technology integration  would look like in our schools?  As we discussed what we would see we came up with a list.

Here are some of the things we thought we would see:

  • not “thinking” about how to use technology in the classroom
  • 21st century learning environment
  • teacher must have an online presence
  • blended learning
  • PBL/inquiry based
  • Critical thinking “A Google a Day” types of questions
  • Real collaboration
  • community building
  • Publishing student work to a larger audience
  • on going formative Assessment with authentic feedback
  • Information Literacy
  • Digital literacy
  • authentic work
  • student centered
  • differentiation of instruction

What did we miss? What do you think we should see in a classroom with seamless integration of technology? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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