Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Daddy, I failed my FRQ!"

I received a Voxer message from my daughter informing me she "failed" an FRQ  (free response question) in AP US History.  She was just giving me a heads up and wanted me to know that I didn't need to worry because she was going to drop that class.  She wanted to give me some time so I could "wrap my head around it."  Being the supportive dad I am I told her, "too bad, you can't drop the class you will get a withdraw failing."

Her reply back can be heard here.

Her response was classic fixed mindset.  I definitely need to work on getting her to develop a growth mindset.  I need her to not focus so much on the grades but on the learning.  Even though when I tell her it's not about the grades its about the learning her response is always " Its high school daddy, it kind of is about the grades."  You know, it kind of is about the grades because that is what society and schools focus on the most.  Anyway my task is to get her to move on and learn from her mistakes and failures.

By the way, my daughter has informed me that she will not be dropping APUSH. She will just suffer through the class.  


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