Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YouTube Tools for your Class

If you show YouTube videos in your class or use them for presentations here are some helpful YouTube tools.

SafeShare.TV  will remove distractions and offensive material found around YouTube videos.

Youtube video before SafeShare.TV
YouTube video after SafeShare.TV

TubeChop Allows you to select only the portion of the video you want to show.  TubeChop will create a new url and embed code for you to share the portion of the video you chopped.

KickYouTube  If you don't have access to YouTube at school, or you want to have a backup in case you don't have internet access then you need KickYouTube.  It gives you the ability to download a YouTube video to your computer.  Change youtube to kickyoutube in the url to download a video.

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