Sunday, August 22, 2010

Current Events in the History Class.

Should we include current events in our history classes?  I think so, and I think we should do it in a prominent way.

It seems that we focus so much on historical content in our classes that we neglect to emphasis current events.  In most classes I have observed, current events are usually addressed maybe once a week.  Typically students are required to find a current event article they are interested in, write a summary or answer some generic questions about the article and bring the article and summary/questions to class so it can be discussed.  It's a good plan, but many times the discussion get pushed to the side so that we can get on with the business of covering content.

My goal this year is to include current events in my class on a regular bases so students will be more informed of what is going on in the world.  I hope to use the current events to make connections between the present and the past.

Here's a partial list of resources for Current Events.

The Learning Network: Teaching & Learning with the New York Times
Text, video and lesson plans are available.

The Week in Rap
A weeks worth of news rapped every week.  New episodes come out on Fridays.  The next new episode with be Sept 10.

CNN  Student News
CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students produced by the journalists and educators at CNN.

Channel One News
Short daily video of news headlines.

TwineTribune finds age appropriate news articles for Tweens (8-14) and provides them with the opportunity to comment on articles in a moderated web safe forum.  Does require registration.

Newseum: Today's Front Pages
The Newseum displays daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to some visitors. Viewer discretion is advised.

Some of the descriptions were taken directly from the website linked.  The picture is from DRB62's photostream

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