Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let Them Explore and Problem Solve!

How much knowledge should a teacher have of a technology tool before they can start to use it in their classrooms?

Evidently everything! I talk to so many teachers who say they can't use a tool or resource in their classroom with their students because they, the teacher, don't know how to use the resource. I really believe it is time for teachers to let go and allow the students time to explore and figure somethings out for themselves. Isn't one of the key skills for a 21st century learner problem solving? How can students learn problem solving skills if we never allow them the opportunity?

My suggestions: 

  • Build time into the learning that will give the students time to explore.
  • If students have questions about a technology resource, have them ask the other students for help.
  • Show them where the help feature is located.  Technology resources typically have excellent help resources.

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